We have combined our talents and skills to offer dirt work services in Oklahoma and North Texas. We do Land Gravel Grading Services Burneyville and all types of work.

Dirt work is the first step in building any new construction or starting a new project. The ground must be prepared correctly to avoid movement of the ground, rainwater drainage problems, and tree roots that get in the way of underground utilities.

Here is just a small sample of the many things we do with dirt work:

Land Clearing

Land clearing removes all vegetation from the top of the dirt. This may include tree removal, root raking and stump removal. Land clearing is useful for preparing a building site, clearing walking or hunting trails, preventing the spread of fires in at risk areas, creating easements and for general clearing of land that is intended for farm, garden or buildings.

Land Grading 

There’s a reason that houses and barns are built on the property’s highest point. It is because they are less likely to flood in heavy rains. But when the property has no natural hills or is in a low area to begin with, land grading ensures that the water flows away from the building pad or foundation. Whether you are planning to build a house, barn, garage or shed, proper land grading will save you from many problems in the future.

Berms, retention ponds and detention ponds

Once water moves moves away from buildings due to land grading, you may wish to conserve that water or to help it flow into a pond where it will not leave you with a muddy mess or swamp. Creating these channels and ponds requires moving dirt.

Creating an entrance or driveway

Dirt work is also useful for creating an entrance or driveway. This involves clearing the land of all vegetation. Then the soil is moved and packed down to prepare it for gravel and heavy loads.

Digging ditches for drainage or utilities

Digging ditches with machines is much easier than using a shovel. We make short work out of digging ditches and trenches for utilities, water pipes, drainage and any other reason you need a ditch.

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