Before you rent equipment to try to do a job yourself, please give us a call to get a free estimate. Most of the time we will be able to do it for less money than you renting the equipment and doing the work yourself. Most equipment rental companies will charge you a delivery and pickup fee just to bring it out to you and then pick it up after you are finished with the equipment.

Dirt work equipment rental can really add up on the charges. By the time you rent a backhoe, trackhoe, or dozer, the charges will most likely be more than if we do the entire job for you. Excavators and this type of equipment requires special trailers and trucks designed to carry such large machinery. Most backhoe or small excavators will run between $800 and $1200 for a week of rental. To keep the equipment for a month is usually $2500 minimum for a small backhoe or small excavator for digging up to 6 foot deep. For larger digging needs you will need a large backhoe or mid sized trackhoe. This size backhoe will be $1500 for the week or $3,000 for the month. For larger projects that require a Hydraulic Excavator that weighs 45,000 to 55,000 lbs, the week of rent will be over $3,000 and a month will be $8,000. Keep in mind that all of these prices do not include delivery and pick up service. The larger machines have fees of $1,500 each way to add an additional $3,000 for your rental fees.

In the event you damage the machine during your work, you will be responsible for the damages and all the repairs necessary. The parts and repairs for equipment is not cheap. Then there is the possibility of damaging something buried under the ground that could be a big surprise. Water lines or electrical lines or telephone cable lines could be just waiting for you to tear them up. For people that are not very familiar with running rental equipment, you also run the risk of damaging structures. We have seen houses damaged, buildings, cars etc. We have seen some pretty incredible damages to property and equipment over the years that could happen to you when you rent equipment.

If you are needing a ditch longer than 5 feet or need work that will take more than 1 day, please call us to get a free estimate and advice prior to attempting to do it yourself. We enjoy helping people with all types of dirtwork.

Give us a call today to get an estimate for the work you need.